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Thanks for dropping in to my portable generator reviews site that I’ve written based on my experience with portable generators. I’m Greg. I’m not much of an expert but I really like taking long road trips in which a portable generator will often come into good use, so I’ve used quite a few models. Here’s my take on what you should know about portable generators, and some reviews to help you choose the best portable generator.

best portable generator - portable generator reviews

Finding the Best Portable Generator

Generators, portable and non-portable ones, are great because they provide safe, clean power in the case of emergencies (such as natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina) or during recreational outings (like camping or tailgating). So, the first and most important thing you should do is to understand what kind of usage you would be needing the portable generator for.

You will also need to consider other things when choosing a portable generator for your own usage such as the generated power, fuel consumption, price and the noise it may produce. Understanding these factors is important because portable generators are useful machines, especially during emergencies where there is not electricity available.

Click here to learn more about the factors you need to consider when shopping for a portable generator. Reading portable generators reviews will also help you make your decision.

Portable Generator Reviews

There are many portable generators reviewed online but here are some models that I think are good portable generators for you.

These are the portable generators I’ve used or seen being used by other people. Do keep in mind that this is my sole opinion and that everyone have their own needs and expectations of what the best portable generator should be. Here is the link to my blog for more reviews to come.

Best Portable Generator Safety Tips

A portable generator can be a dangerous thing if you don’t know what you’re doing with it. Here are some safety tips before starting the engine of the portable generator and during the engine start-up tips that are useful for you:

Before Starting The Engine

  • If you’re adding oil, do remember to fill the engine with the correct amount of oil before you attempt to start the engine up. Failing to do so would result in engine failure.
  • Also, do remember to not overfill. If you’re adding gasoline to the fuel tank, NEVER attempt to fill it indoors and not while the engine is hot or still running.
  • Having that said, DO NOT smoke any cigarettes while filling in the fuel tank.
  • The fuel tank should not be overfilled so that it is possible for the fuel to expand.
  • Always use the regular, unleaded gasoline for the portable generator and not the premium one. It is important to not mix the oil and gasoline.

Starting The Engine

  • Before starting the engine, do remember to unplug all the electrical loads from the portable generator. NEVER attempt to start or stop the engine with all the electrical load attached to the portable generator, and that they are turned ‘ON’.

There are many other safety tips that you should know about. To learn more about them, click on Best Portable Generator Safety Tips.

More on Portable Generator

I review portable generators when I’m free so there will be more portable generator reviews to come. You can also go to my blog for more updates. Well, I hope you find the best portable generator that will serve you well in times of need.